Server rules

Precautions for living together

Isn't it completely free?

To enjoy with confidence.

We wish all the players to enjoy their Minecaft lives freely! However, basic rules are very important for both of the server and players because the server will be insecure without them.

These rules will be changed if necessary. New rules will take effect immediately and be announced in Discord channel.

Server operators punish you if you break the rules. You may be banned depending on the magnitude of it. Please follow it because it's not difficult.

About Land

Using the empty land

You can use any land where no one claimed or obviously untouched. Please ask operators or other players whether anyone already use it if you cannot judge it by yourself: ex. the land is flattened, has some toaches, or has some clafting blocks...
In addition, please ask someone for translation of the signboard written in japanese if you cannot read it. It may explain about local rules around that sign.

Reserving a place

To avoid any trouble, when you find empty land where you want to use, you MUST make a reservaion following this way: (1)specify the range of the land by putting fences, and (2)write your MCID on a sign.

MOB farms, MOB proliferation

You can create Mob traps and increase the number of Mobs as much as you wish! (of course unless it influence server's performance).

Also, you need not to inform to the operators... but it would be really grateful if you tell us voluntarily!!

Precautions for use

Do not be AFK while using traps as much as possible. You will be removed temporarily if you do not react to direct message from operator.

Prohibitions (What you CANNOT do)

You will be punished if you violate any of these rules.

In severe cases, you will not be allowed to re-enter the sigu-server forever.

Destroying or editing other player's buildings

If you accidentally destroy a building, you must report it to the owner.

It is not an offence if you have permission from the owner (e.g. for communal use).

Theft (robbery)

Stealing from an unprotected cotainer (e.g. chest, furnace etc.) which is set by other player, is also regarded as an offence.

If the chest is clearly marked as "FREE" or "Common" property, you won't be an offender.

Harassing others (saying or doing things which make someone sad)

Continuous stalking or asking for things (such as "Give me this, that too!!") is considered offensive to other players.

<D011>Behaviours that is demeaning or insulting to other players will also be considered harassment that make other players uncomfortable.

#This includes behaviours, general chat, private chat, party chat, signs, books and all the other log.

Personal information (address, real name, etc.)

You are free to handle your own personal information at your own risk. However, the Sigu-server and the operators bear no responsibility for any problem that may arise. You are responsible for your own safety.

#Behaviour, general chat, private chat, party chat, signs, books, etc. are all subject to this rule.

Adult comments (sexually explicit language)

We have a lot of underage players on the server, so please avoid graphic material. If yx, you can do so.

#Behavior, general chat, private chat, party chat, signs, books, etc. are all acceptable.

Continuous posting in chat (spam)

Please do not spam the chat by posting the same thing over and over again.

#This applies to general chat, individual chat and party chat.

Use of hack clients/cheats/X-Ray/transparent mods

Use of hack clients (modified Minecraft) or cheat tools will result in an immediate ban.

The same applies to X-Ray and transparent ground textures (MOD).

In addition to the above, we ask that you follow any other instructions given by the administration.


Permanent BAN

You will be permanently banned from the server.
Targets: Vandalism/theft (more than 5 items), use of hacked clients, cheat tools, transparent tools such as X-Ray, etc.

Ban with a time limit (ban for a while)

You will not be allowed to log in to the server for a certain period of time.
Targets: Vandalism/theft (minor), severe harassment (including chat), etc.

Mute (conversational ban)

You will not be visible to other players on chats.
Targets: Continuous posting in chat (spam), etc.

Warning (Caution)

The operators warn the offender on the server when playing, to remind the player of the rules.
Target: Minor offences other than the above. This shall not applly to repeating offenders and who ignore warnings.

Management team

Need help?
Feel free to contact us!




Chief admin

NORUN08 Nuku_Neko Tomato0831

NORUN08 / Nuku_Neko / Tomato0831


ItsMeOres naoboko naoboko

ItsMeOres / naoboko / Yu_212




Server information

Join us! Enjoy together :D

Server address

Minecraft Versions

As of March 2021 Minecraft Java Edition -1.16.5 ( 1.16.4 / 1.16.5 recommended)

#You cannot log in with Minecraft BE (smartphone app, PlayStation, Switch, etc.).


Basic is the ultimate skill.

Read this before you start exploring Sigu-server!

There is an entrance to the tutorial area right next to the spawn point. Please go there first. /warp tutorial


World introduction

Sigu-server consists of a number of worlds, each one has unique features.

Main Spawn

This is the world that has been developed since the beginning. Players are free to play in a variety of locations. The difficulty level is "easy"./spawn

Main Spawn 2

A living world suitable for building, with no MOBs./warp main2

Resource World

A world for mining. This will be reset periodically so be careful when you hold facilities in this world! /warp resource


The nether is not separated into main world and resource-purpose. It may be reset./warp nether

The End

The End is not separated into main world and resource-purpose. It may be reset./warp end

Flee market

A world of shops for all Server-member. You can also hold a shop here!/warp freemarketfreemarket

Owner Sigu: It's FREE-market, because I am the OWNER. (English class: E ranked)


This is the place to learn the rules for newcomers. You can also assign a job here./warp tutorial

Admin's Shop

This is the official high quality items shop. There might be sigu-server original cheating spec items...?/warp shop

Get a job!

At sigu-server we have a "job" system.

You can have up to three jobs at the same time. You can also leave your job.

You can get a job by clicking a job signboard in front of the job introductions in the tutorial. Once you have a job, you will be paid for the work you do and your job level will increase.
As your job level increases, you will be able to unleash useful skills and gain by-products. You can leave your job if you want to switch to a different one.

  • Miner

    This job involves digging for rocks and other materials./jobs [join|leave] miner

  • Woodcutter

    This is a job where you cut down trees./jobs [join|leave] woodcutter

  • Digger

    This is a job where you dig for soil, sand or gravel./jobs [join|leave] digger

  • Builder

    This is the job of building./jobs [join|leave] builder

  • Farmer

    This is a job where you farm and look after livestock./jobs [join|leave] farmer

  • Weaponsmith

    Repair and enchant weapons on the anvil./jobs [join|leave] weaponsmith

  • Brewer

    This is the job of making potions./jobs [join|leave] brewer

  • Huntsman

    This is the job of killing monsters./jobs [join|leave] hunter

#In the command, [ , ] and | are not needed.

Let's go sightseeing

[Minecraft]Sigu-server Broadcast Station #2: Introducing the official village

Don't miss the works of some architects who are active at the forefront!!

If a player's village is awarded, it will be registered as an "official village" in the warp destination. All of these places are worth seeing. We hope you enjoy them.

  • yuden

    Yuden is a group of simple buildings mainly made of sandstone./village yuden

  • alley

    The town, built of terracotta and oak wood, is very beautiful./village alley

  • Kimura

    A village with a natural look and feel, mainly made of oak wood./village kimura

  • Aiteru Village

    A village of pine and stone, with a colourful and calm atmosphere./village aiteru

  • Uniqlo Village

    A modern town of stone bricks./village uniqlo

  • World marshal headquarters

    /village marshall

Shop system

This is a simple and easy shop to open.

You can buy&sell your items.


When you want to buy (or sell) an item at a shop, left-click on the sign, then enter the number of items you want to buy (or say in chat). If you want to buy all items at once, use "all".

To start selling, hold the item you want to sell in your hand and left-click on the chest which you want to turn into a shop. You will be asked the price per item (in English "How much do you want to sell each item for?") so enter the price per item in chat. You can also use decimals.

If successfully done, the sign will be placed on the chest automatically and the sale begins. Please put the stock for sale inside the chest, opening it by right-clicking chest itself as usual. When an item is sold (bought), the owner will be notified and the amount will be paid into your wallet.

By right-clicking on the sign, the owner can switch between "sell" and "buy", delete the shop or change the price (for a fee). In addition, chests (small and large) can be made into shops.

Register your homes!

If you register a place you go often, you can get back to your home much easily.

HOME feature, cutting-edge mobility style

When you decide where to live, then you can register your HOME first!!

You can register up to 3 homes for "Newcommer" and up to 5 homes for "Regular". You can add as many homes as you like by purchasing additional tickets at the Admin's Shop.

  • Registration

    Stand at the place you want to register and use the command /sethome [name you want to register].

    If you want to name it in Japanese, put the words between "" , like /sethome "うんち".

  • Overwrite registration

    Stand at the location you want to register and use the command /sethome [name you want to resist] true.

  • Delete

    You can delete a location with /delhome [name to delete].

  • List

    You can see a list of all the homes you have registered. /homes

#In the command, [ , ] and | are not needed.

Let build your home.

Base is important.

Let's make your base and work

You can use any land where no one claimed or obviously untouched. First, collect food and ingredients to secure a base where you can wake up.

You can build it in a place where newcomers gather, temporarily live in an apartment, or look for a remote and undeveloped land. You are free to choose. Please choose according to your preference. ※You can also go to the newbie-town by warp./warp 新規タウン /warp newbie

Protect your stuff

Your doors, barrels, chests, furnaces and more.

One sign, one key.


Right-click on the target with holding a signboard (no need to type). Automatically your ID will be set and the door will be locked.

If you allow your roommate to open the door as well, right-click on the sign with your bare hands and enter /blocklocker [line number (3 or 4)] [roommate's mcID].
If there are more than 2 players you wish to share, you can add signs on other sides.

When using tags, put the tag in stead of the roommate's name.
[Redstone] Allows Redstone signal operation.
[Everyone] Anyone can open it.
[Timer: X] The door will close after X (0-9) seconds. However, 0 does not close.
#Do not forget "[" and "]" at both ends of each tag [Redstone][Everyone][Timer:X].

Let's protect the land

Well done!! You have finally built your own home!! Don't you think it's a good idea to protect it?.

[Minecraft] sigu-server Broadcast Station #1: Learn to Protect

Protect your place with the World Guard feature

You can protect a specified area. The upper limit is 5 million blocks. Apprx: 5x5 chunks with 32 blocks hight have 205,000 blocks.

For more information on the commands used in WorldGuard, please google it.

Let's vote!

Vote for your favourite Minecraft server and win special prizes!

What is voting?

This is a system that is used as one of the indicators of popularity on the various minecraft server links sites.
You can vote once a day for the server of your choice, with one vote per account. The number of votes cast within a certain period of time is then calculated as the number of votes for that server.

Voting is a good thing!

If you vote for sigu-server, you will receive the following benefits. You must be logged in at the time of voting and have enough space in your inventory to receive the prizes. The amount of items you receive may be increased on some events!

Item nameGift amountMemo
Experience bottle30Same as vanilla bottle
Cash5000yenAccount transfer
Voting Tickets1Collect and Exchange!

Once you have collected enough Voting Tickets, you can exchange them for the following items. Please contact the Admins.

Item nameAmount requiredEffect
Momohiki5Can't be displaced!
Kiwi Smoothie5Super-duper fast mining speed!
Sharp Knife5Item drops unstoppable!
Magic Mirror5Maximum HP UP UP UP!
Akiko Yosano50Can't-let-go-off Elytra!
Crutches50Slap the owner!
投票特典3 投票特典2

How to vote?

Go to the voting site, register and then vote.

The following voting sites are currently supported.

JMS monocraft

Please note:
You must be logged in to sigu-server before you vote in order to receive your rewards. Please be aware that we will not be able to compensate for such conditions where you may not be able to vote or you may not receive the prizes due to transmission error.

Communication and consultation

Any problems? We are here for you.

I've been trolled!

Report it to the administration in DiscordDiscord #報告

Offender's ID (if unknown, leave it blank):
Report details:
World and coordinates:
URL of the video if available:

*Please note the following when reporting.
Please try to avoid to contact with the offender directly if possible, do not touch the broken block, and do not modify the scene.
Valuable items may be difficult to recover. We would like to reduce the number of situations where players feel uncomfortable due to malicious offenders.

Is this a bug?

It doesn't seem to be working the way it should: ...... If so, please report it to us in DiscordDiscord #報告

Date and time of onset:
Condition (if known):
Additional information:

If you have lost an item due to a malfunction, please also indicate this in the Additional information area.

I don't know what to do next...

Ask the other mavens in the general chat first. They might help you if they know about it.

Beware of individual chatters

We are aware that some players are persistently asking for help via messages and exploiting your labour. On our server, we try to avoid forcing people to do things or making them feel uncomfortable.
If you refuse a request, there is no problem at all. If the messages are too persistent, please take a picture of the conversation screen and contact the management individually.

I've done well! I want you to see it!

Please show us by uploading your photos on #Discord #シグスタグラム
Do not forget to include your world name and coordinates so we can see what you're up to.


We'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to send us your ideas and suggestions.

From the smallest to the biggest, it's your ideas that make it happen.

If you have an idea, please send it to Discord.Discord #提案

Reason for proposal:
How it makes change:


We have a simple hierarchy for players.

  • Newbie "新規"

    When you first join sigu-server, you get "Newbie(新規)". You can /sethome up to 3 places by default.

  • Regulars "常連"

    After you have settled in, you will be upgraded to a "Regular (常連)" rank. As a Regular, you can resister 5 homes for free.

    Only the owner is allowed to rank up to a regular.

  • Architects "建築士"

    This is a special rank that is only awarded to those who have met certain criteria and have been approved.

    You might be requested the sigu-server's official buildings in the future with this badge?

  • Administrators "運営"

    If you apply for a management position and are approved, you will become a "Admins".

  • Development "開発"

    A member with programming skills who is responsible for server configuration and plugin development.

  • General Manager "統括運営"

    The leader of the Admins team.

  • Owner "鯖主"

    The vice supervisor and the sponsor of the sigu-server.

None of the above... who are they?

You can buy a "Prefix Change Ticket" at the Admins Shop.
Ask a person of the rank of development or higher with this ticket to change your title which you wish to be, and you will receive a mysterious Title